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Using Your Free Garden Planner-Part 1

We will be working out of your FREE Garden Planner in this post. You can work through these steps within the post if you would like but you will maximize your effort if you sign up for the newsletter and get your FREE garden planner. Keep It Organized With The Free Garden Planner Last year as I was…

Free garden planner

Free Gardening Journal

See how to get this free gardening journal at the end of this post! Spring Gardening Holds So Many Memories How many of you have planted a garden before? Gardening holds so many memories for me. My grandmother always had a HUGE garden! I remember working in them when I was a kid. I loved…

Picture of seed catalogs

3 Seed Catalogs Gardeners Should Check Out Now!

Have you started planning your garden yet? Before I get too far into the post for today I just want to take a moment and welcome any new guests to Sew.Knit.Create. I’m so excited to have you join us! Spring is just around the corner! Didn’t you notice? We are, were, weren’t, are, are not, enjoying…

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create

Mr. Tumnus’s Red Scarf–Free Pattern

Yesterday I shared the Mr. Tumnus outfit that I sewed as part of the Project Run and Play sew-along group. As part of the outfit I also decided to knit a red scarf as it is an essential part of Mr. Tumnus’s clothing (Well, actually the only piece of clothing he wears in the movie!…

Retro Kitchen Curtains-redo by Sew.Knit.Create

Retro Kitchen Curtain DIY-Tutorial

Bring your kitchen out of the winter doll-drums with these fruity kitchen curtains! {Portions of this blog post originally appeared in December of 2013} Last year I found some amazing Fruity Retro Print that I knew would make the perfect winter curtains to brighten my kitchen. Here is the original window that I made the…

Gardening book

The Gardening Book That Changed My Life!

  I Found The Perfect Gardening Guide! There are many many gardening books out there but this one changed my life! Do you see it–the middle book there in the stack? Guide To Missouri Vegetable Gardening by James A. Fizzell. I’ve browsed through so many gardening books looking for the one. I’ve wasted so much time and money on my…

Winner of GYB Event

Here’s an official welcome to all my new followers! Thank you so much for taking the time to come by for this annual Grow Your Blog Event. Let’s hear it for Vicky who put’s this event together every year. It’s been a fun GYB 2015 hasn’t it? To my new followers: I hope that you enjoy this…

Essential plants to make it feel like spring. | Sew.Knit.Create

How To Use Plants To Liven Up Your Winter Decor

I’m sick of winter! This flip-flopping between snow and 50 degree days is really confusing! I’m ready for spring and gardening weather! So what can one do but bring a little spring indoors. Are you interested? Here is what you need to do. How To Step 1: Bundle up in your parka. This may or may…

Retro gingham apron | Sew.Knit.Create

Grow Your Blog: Annual Event

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog! It’s good to be a part of Vicky’s event for the third annual Grow Your Blog event. Thanks for dropping by, reading my blog, commenting, and following! Introductions My name is Naomi. I am a blogger, musician, teacher, mother, wife. I love to sew, knit, decorate, I…

Pimp My Craftroom | Craftroom Makeover | Sew.Kni.Create

Pimp My Craftroom Makeover–Part 2: A Sad State Of Affairs

Don’t you love those pimp my ride shows and HGTV home makeovers? Well as I mentioned last week my friend came over a few weeks back and decided it was time to get rid of my collection of clothing to re-purpose, 1/16th inch fabric scraps, books that I don’t need, empty thread spools, and the…

Craftroom Makeover: Sew.Knit.Create

A Topsy Turvy House: Craftroom Makeover–Phase 1

It all started with my friend coming over to my house to hang out for the day and go shopping…then she spotted my “re-purposed fabric” pile which consisted of cast offs from my closet as well as my husbands. I mean this pile was a huge mountain of clothing! She decided right then and there…

Interview with Caroline at SewCaroline fabric designer by Sew.Knit.Create

Interview With A Fabric Designer

As you know I love fabric! Just recently I spotted a new fabric collection from a blog that I have been following for awhile and I am so stoked for this collection to come out! I’m really thinking that this is a workable collection and have dreamed up all sorts of projects to make with…

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