20 Things I Really Want To Do This Summer

20 Must Do List For Summer

A Turn In The Road

I originally wrote this post about a month ago it was inspired by Chronically Vintage’s post on the 20 things that she really wants to do this spring and summer. It was a great list. Everything from camping to square dancing! It was filled with invigorating activities and making pleasant memories. The essentials of spring and summer. A list that was meant to encourage a full enjoyment of life. Now a month later (and yes I realize it’s been that long since my last post) I am lying in bed and getting pretty down about it. I found out earlier this week that the back pain that I’ve been going through the past two months is from a slipped disc. I’ll find out more later when I get an MRI done but right now I’ve been lying in bed for a week and I’m still in pain everytime I walk. 🙁 Anyways, hopefully my back will get better soon and I can get back to my regular lifestyle…because right now I’m starting to feel like I’m staring in the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window!

So here is my list of 20 just for fun things that I really want to do this summer

      1.  BBQ more to quote Chronically Vintage to “Barbeque a lot. I mean risk wearing out the grill levels of barbecuing”
      2. Drink homemade strawberry lemonade, orange-mint tea, sweet tea, and any other homemade summer drink as much as I can!

        vintage glass
        Orange Mint Tea
      3. Garden my heart out!
      4. Take my kiddos to the lake
      5. Read books outside-probably will be kiddie books but that’s ok!
      6. Wear sundressesGeometric Vintage Sheath Dress by Sew.Knit.Create
      7. Go ahead and sew a sundress even though I’m in my post prego body and the dress “hopefully” won’t fit me next year 🙂
      8. Sew coordinating outfits for my boys
      9. Have backyard picnics in the woods behind my house.
      10. Take time each afternoon to enjoy tea/coffee (and actually enjoy it not rush through it read about the Swedish Fika on Food In Jars)
      11. Come up with some new recipes for my garden produce
      12. Go camping!
      13. Landscape two planter beds-finished one of these and hopefully it wasn’t what contributed to my back pain! 
      14. Get up earlier and drink my morning coffee on my deck
      15. Dine alfresco at least once a week

        strawberry jam
        Delicious strawberry jam
      16. Take evening walks
      17. Wear flowers in my hair
      18. Take a siesta in the afternoon
      19. Sit and hold my baby before he’s all grown-at least all this bed rest is helping me with this one!
      20. Pick fresh flowers for my table

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So there you have it my list of foucising on enjoying and loving life in the outdoors.
What’s on your list of things to do this summer? If you have a blog why don’t you write a post about your 20 things for living and loving life this summer then comment here with your link or just write some of the things that are on your list!
Now go make something,
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