Dont Be That Guy! 9 Valuable Gardening Tools You Need To Make Gardening Easy

Have you ever started a gardening job only to find out that you didn’t have the right gardening tools to complete it? Maybe you got halfway through a project before realizing you were missing the right gardening tool.

Essential Gardening Tools | Sew.Knit.Create

Crisis Scenario

Picture this. It’s a Sunday and it is spring planting time. You’ve got a project list for your garden a mile long and only 6 hours to complete it! What do you do? Why, jump right in and start, of course! Why take a few minutes and check to make sure you have all the gardening tools you need. You start in on your project and halfway through your plastic hand-trowel breaks! Then, as you’re filling pots with a plastic dish you found in your kitchen you discover you’re out of potting soil and you still have to plant your petunias, your container herb garden, and transplant your seedling tomatoes!

You drop everything; take 15 minutes to find your keys, 10 to drive to the store, 15 spent searching for your tool only to discover it is out-of-stock, spend an additional 10 minutes looking for other materials on your list, and then take a half-hour through checkout! By the time you get home you’re exhausted, the sun is going down, and you’ve got random gardening tools scattered all over your yard.[Tweet “Have the right tools when you need them! #gardening #backyard2table”]

Don’t be that guy! (or person) When you start your garden this year you want to make sure that you have the right gardening tools when you need them. Here are my favorite essential gardening tools that will need to help make your gardening experience successful. Although I’m recommending several tools I’m not an affiliate with these companies. 

9 Essential Gardening Tools

  1. Ames Planter’s Pal-I just discovered this gardening tool and I am super excited to use this gardening tool! It was a toss up between the planter’s pal and just an ordinary trowel but I choose this one because it seems super versatile. It has a serrated edge, a sharpened straight edge, a twine cutter, weeder tip, tamper end, and an 11 inch measurement scale.
  2. Ero Gel Grip Hand Soil Scoop-this is another tool from Ames. I love this one because of how large the scoop is! Seriously, I’ve worked with other hand scoops before and none of them compare to how much soil this one can scoop out of the bag! I also love the gel grip as it makes hand work easier.
  3. Firm Grip general purpose gloves-I just picked these ones up at my local store and am hoping that they perform better than the light-weight garden gloves I got last year. Here is a list from BHG for various types of gardening gloves with links.
  4. Garden Shovel/Spade-of course this one goes without say. It’s definitely a must have gardening tool if you are doing anything outside of container gardening. A sharp shovel with a pointed end will help you cut into the dirt when digging holes. Where as a square spade will help with trenches, edging, and transplanting.
  5. Hoes-I’m sure this is the butt of many 6th grade jokes! A hoe is a great gardening tool and is useful for whacking out those stubborn weeds!
  6. Pitch forks are used in music to sound a specific pitch. Say what? Actually a gardening fork is more useful you can read this article to find an in-depth description of the difference. Basically though a pitch fork is used for composting whereas a garden fork is like a mini tiller and is used to whisk up the soil. The garden fork is also a useful gardening this tool when you are transplanting and separating larger plants like hostas.
  7. gardening-tools (2 of 3) copyTwine or velcro tape is useful when you need to tie up vining plants like tomatoes. Green beans can be counted on to twine themselves up pretty much anything but plants like indeterminate tomatoes will need to be trained up the support system.
  8. Gardening Apron.  This gardening tool can make your life so much easier! An apron allows you to carry that ames planter’s pal, twine, pruners, and hold your gloves. If you get one like the RooApron you can also stuff weeds into it and during harvest you won’t be stretching out your shirt anymore!
  9. Inspiring gardening containers. I love beautiful urns, terra cotta pots, and white ceramic or colorfully enameled containers. Paring trailing vines and colorful flowers into shiny enameled containers or planting basil in an earthy terra cotta pot is one of the joys of gardening.

Being Prepared Makes An Experience Successful

Having all the right gardening tools you need when you need them will help you have a great experience when you garden. Rather than running to the store and wasting valuable gardening time you can concentrate on building important gardening skills. You’ll garden smarter and get more accomplished by having everything ready to go before you start your job.

Start the gardening season right this year by assembling all your tools before hand and then when you get to the jobs that you need a specific tool for you will already have it! You still have lots of time to spend looking around for those perfect tools. Remember to also look for some great containers to put together some stunning arrangements! This post is also linked up to the Garden Party at Oregon Cottage if you would like to connect with some other great gardeners!

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