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You want to make something! You are here because you have a burning desire to create with your hands.

Retro gingham apron | Sew.Knit.CreateLet me introduce myself!

I’m so glad that you decided to stop by for a visit. Would you like a cup of orange-mint tea? My name is Naomi and I am originally from Nova Scotia Canada. I love the sea, it runs through my veins, and I love anything coastal or cottage inspired. There is literally nothing better than holding a shell up to your ear and listening to the ocean waves!


I am always making something with my hands. Sewing, knitting (my purse doubles as my knitting caddy), cooking, canning, or gardening. Just ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I just can’t keep my hands still. You can bet that I will never have perfectly manicured hands–not that I wouldn’t like to have them–the polish never has time to dry!


I am

entrepreneurial business owner + sewist + knitter + crafter + musician + teacher + singer + pianist + conductor + stay-at-home-mom. I have a masters degree in Music Education and when I’m not blogging I teach piano and voice lessons in my private studio.

My Life As A Crafter Began

Knitted Rose Garden Lace Shawl by Sew.Knit.CreateWhen I was very young. I remember visiting my great-grandmother who was never without her knitting needles or crochet hook. She could carry on a conversation, needles clicking away the entire time! Oh, and then she would never send us home without first offering us a gift from her selection of hand-knit mittens, hats, slippers, or dolls. Not to be outdone my great aunt would bundle up; some peanut-butter cookies-pressed on top with a potato masher-a can of pop, and some rhubarb pie!

Fibers surrounded me growing up. My grandparents built their own house. Unfinished as it was, there were a line of hooks there was no closet upon which we would hang our sweaters and jackets. I would love to rub my face over these and drink in the scent of wool, woodsmoke, and family. A particular favorite of mine was my grandfathers woolly gray Icelandic sweater with a brown, black, white, and grey yoke. My very first needle project I ever remember was learning how to cross-stitch from my baby sitter when I was about 6 or 7. My grandmother taught me knitting and my mother taught me how to sew when I was 9. Today I indulge in knitting, sewing, cooking, and any other creative project that suits my fancy!

Let Me Introduce You To My Photographer!

bruette photographerI am especially lucky and blessed to have a husband who takes superb pictures! Practically all the shots in every post are by him and he does a stellar job catering to me on Sunday’s when I ask him to take pictures rather than watch football.

We have been married for almost nine years! At the risk of sounding EXTREMELY cliché he is the love of my life. {cue a dramatic sigh} We’ve been through seven moves together, lived in Hawaii, survived road trips, and are currently renovating a house together. We have a rambunctious toddler and are currently struggling through the sleepless nights of a newborn! If you would like to see more of his work you can find him at Bruette Photography.

Where The Modern Woman And Vintage Skills Unite

That is what Sew.Knit.Create is about. A place where vintage, old-fashioned skills, are just as vital to the modern woman as they were back in 1950. Knowledge of essential sewing and knitting skills can help save you money and provide immense personal satisfaction! Our grandmothers prided themselves on being able to use what they had when they decorated their homes. Whipping up a tasty but inexpensive meals was an essential skill for living in the early and mid-century. There is an immense satisfaction that comes from being able to grow your own garden, however small, that produces fresh delicious tasting veggies that you can incorporate into your meals. And let me tell you, it can be a budget saver!

Since You Are New To My Blog

Let me give you a brief tour! Most Monday’s I will recommend my favorite sewing, knitting, and crafting books or links, then on Thursday I showcase a sewing, knitting, or crafting project or tutorial, and occasionally I will post a recipe or antique find on Friday. (Did I mention that I love to thrift and go antiquing? My house is filled with these treasures from the past.)

What You Can Expect

Being true to my tagline “vintage skills for a modern woman” you can hope to find inspiration in learning to sew and knit, great homemade jam recipes, learn from my home decorating and renovation experiences, and journey with me as I rediscover gardening.

In the coming year you will find; tutorials to sharpen your sewing and knitting skills, guidance for your own decorating and renovation experiences, and recipes for cooking and canning. I am also starting a new video series called “From the Backyard to the Table” where you will learn how to start your own backyard garden regardless of your space constraints and learn how to utilize the produce to create your own delicious dishes.

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Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!

Now go make something,

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