Gilmore Girls, Snow, And An Easy Lace Knitting Pattern

Gilmore Girls Say It Best

I Smell Snow Lace Knitting PatternDrink more coffee and talk fast–just like a Gilmore! Ok, so I know that some people were really annoyed by how fast Lorelei and Rory talked but I loved their quick wit and banter. When “A Year In The Life” came out and I heard Lorelei’s opening line “I smell snow” I knew immediately that I needed to knit up a shawl. (Ok, and seriously, you CAN smell snow!)

Designing An Intuitive Lace Pattern

I wanted the shawl to resemble a snowflake so for my first attempt at swatching I tried to fit three different types of lace bands down the shawl body. But after trying and failing and ripping out….I decided to stick with my design motto and go for an easy, intuitive, and timeless, knitting pattern. My ultimate goal when I design a pattern is to make the pattern accessible to the busy woman (think mom) who is pulled in all directions at once! Knitting is her one luxury and indulgence–something just for herself. She needs a pattern that she can put down for any number of kid emergencies and then pick it back up and know exactly where she is at. So I went back to the drawing board and isolated a beautiful diamond lace pattern that was only a six stitch motif and easy to memorize. Put it with a garter stitch background and I had the perfect recipe.

This Lace Shawl Is Easier To Knit Than It Looks

I Smell Snow Lace Knitting Pattern

This crescent-shaped shawl is whimsical, timeless, complicated, but simple… just like Lorelei Gilmore! Beginning with 10 rows of garter stitch the shawl gently morphs into a lovely diamond lace pattern which seems complicated but the odd rows are knitted-so it’s not. The lace pattern is interrupted with comfortable eyelet bands before reverting back to the diamond lace for a bit. The shawl is then finished off with a contrasting color and mesh lace. Then bookend your shawl by using the main color in your cast off picot edge.

A lovely size for draping around the neck or wrapping around your shoulders to ward off the winter chill.

I Smell Snow Shawl–Use A Sock Kit!

I Smell Snow Lace Knitting PatternI used a sock kit from “The Yarn At Home Mom” because I wanted to show how sock kits can be used for shawls…and the name matched perfectly!

Skill Level: Intermediate. However, if you’re an adventurous beginner you could give it a go. The lace happens on the right side of the shawl with the wrong sides being knit in garter stitch. If you are new to lace I’ll give you a couple success tips in the pattern!

Yarn: Main color–approximately 430 yards of fingering weight wool or wool blend yarn. Contrasting color–approximately 100 yards of fingering weight wool or wool blend yarn.

Now head over to Ravelry and get your pattern!