Mr. Tumnus in Narnia

My Inspiration

Narnia, the magical land in the wardrobe, into which Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter stumble into during a game of hide-and-seek. The Chronicles of Narnia were some of my favorite books as a kid and I was so excited when the came out with the new movie series, especially The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Of course one of my favorite characters is Mr. Tumnus the Faun. In reference to creating a movie inspired outfit for Mr. Tumnus, as part of the Project Run and Play contest, I ran into one MAJOR problem. Mr. Tumnus wears no clothes! 😛

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create
This is what my world looked like a few weeks about–and the inspiration for my outfit.

Mr. Tumnu’s New Clothes

I wanted to make my son a coat during this competition and so I decided to piece together an outfit that gives a nod to Mr. Tumnus’s look. Hence, the Downton Duffle Coat from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop and a bright red knit scarf.

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create

As excited as I was to create this look I ran into some major obstacles. Namely, our heater giving out! Sewing was put off until today, the final day, and I am now writing this with only 30 minutes left to post! I seriously can’t believe I finished it today!

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create

When I decided to create this outfit our world was filled with an abundance of fluffy white snow. However, today it was -15 with wind-chills reaching into the -20’s. Thereby eliminating the thought of taking any pictures outside! I really want to know where all my snow has been going! What is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe without snow? Sooooo…..disappointing…and it’s January! We should have at least three feet!

So, for a moment, forget the cold and step into Mr. Tumnus’s cozy little house. Sit by the fire, have some tea, and listen to Mr. Tumnus read.

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create

Mr. Tumnu’s Coat, Scarf & Details

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create
Toggle closures and plaid lining.

Narnia: Mr. Tumnus Outfit by Sew.Knit.Create
Plaid lining

 Scarf Pattern?

Where did I get the scarf you ask? Why, I made it of course! If you would like the pattern find it here.! In the meantime be sure to checkout some of the other amazing creations for week 2 of Project Run and Play. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my rather hurried post.


Photo credits go to my husband.


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  1. OMG amazingly cute! I just stumbled across your blog & it is so nice to see a momma making boys clothes. As a mom of boys I am always looking for ideas & inspiration to make for my own. He is darling! You make cute clothes & cute babies. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment you’re sweet! I’m so glad that you like my boy clothes. It seems that there are not that many of us making boy clothes. So glad that you sew for yours as well! Come back soon!

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