#RememberNoah Hat Knitting Pattern


JOIN the movement of knitters for Pediatric Stroke awareness!

Six year old Noah suffered complications from a pediatric stroke due to the lack of awareness. Timely diagnosis helps all stroke victims recover. Without it permanent and irreversible damage can occur. Knit the #RememberNoah hat pattern and help raise awareness for pediatric stroke. 

A year ago, a friend of mine experienced every mother’s greatest fear. Losing her child.

I remember the hurt I felt for her while I watched Katie share on Facebook live that her son had experienced a fall at the playground during school. I immediately started praying for her family.

Children Can Have Strokes Too

Noah lost his fight with pediatric stroke on March 24th

The first diagnosis–a concussion but as the days went on her son did not recover. For two weeks agonizing weeks in March of 2016 I watched Katie share the heart wrenching details of her experience with her family and friends on facebook live. I agonized with her as she, her husband, and the medical team struggled to figure out what was wrong with her child. Then it was discovered that Noah had suffered a stroke. I had no idea that a child could even have a stroke!

I prayed that things would change for the better. I watched with amazement at how people all across the world began to follow their story and offer their prayers and encouragement. Then on March 24, 2016 I cried with her as she share that their little six-year-old boy lost his battle.

Take Action Against Pediatric Stroke

And then, I watched how their story touched thousands of lives and encouraged action on the parts of many individuals. Action to help others in need. Action to help support this wonderful family who whose lives were altered by the lack of awareness for pediatric stroke.

knitting pattern
#remembernoah knitting pattern raising awareness for pediatric stroke

#remembernoah hat Pattern To Raise Awareness For Pediatric Stroke

The weeks following March 24th I knew that I wanted to do something to make a difference in her fight to prevent this tragedy from happening to other children. Now a year later I am releasing a new knitting pattern designed to honor the life of her vivacious six year old boy. The six points around the crown of the hat represent the life of a little boy that was tragically cut short. The six slipped stitch chain decrease represent all the thoughts and prayers that were said on behalf of the Russell family and their son Noah.

All the proceeds from the sale of the Knitting pattern will go to her foundation for raising awareness.

Noah’s Story Is Making A Difference

Noah died from the complications of a pediatric stroke. A mother, my friend Katie, lost her six-year-old son because she and many of the medical personal were not aware that children can suffer from a stroke. Katie has now dedicated her life to help raise awareness of pediatric stroke. She has some pretty big plans and I am going to help her out! I am committed to raising funds for her foundation and to spread the awareness among the knitters of the world.  To let her know that Noah’s story is still touching many lives and is helping to raise awareness of pediatric stroke.

knitting pattern
#remembernoah knitting pattern raising awareness for pediatric stroke

How You Can Help Raise Awareness

  1. Purchase the #remembernoah Knitting Pattern or gift the pattern to another knitter! (All proceeds go to raising awareness for pediatric stroke.)
  2. Knit this hat in a blue or purple and donate it to a hospital charity. Attach one of the tags included in the pattern below to help raise awareness for pediatric stroke.
  3. Participate in Noah’s Kuddles For Kids a bi-annual drive to collect blankets and toys to donate to PICU’s in local hospitals around the country.
  4. Use the hashtag as you knit this hat to help raise awareness.
  5. Visit remembernoah.com to learn more about Noah’s story.

As you knit this hat please remember all the families who are affected by the complications due to stroke. I encourage you to use this pattern in your charity knitting to help spread love to other families who are affected by loss in someway.

I am hosting a collection site for distributing the hats. If you would like to send them to a collection point then contact me and I will send you the address.