Yes, You Can Make These Easy DIY Retro Kitchen Curtains!

Bring your kitchen out of the winter doll-drums with these fruity retro kitchen curtains!

{Portions of this blog post originally appeared in December of 2013}

Patterns & Tutorials

Change The Style Of A Room In Seconds

Don’t you think that curtains are such a wonderful touch to a room decor? They are kind of like the final verdict on a rooms style. If you have dramatic floor length curtains a room can go from drab to fab in seconds. You can encourage a cottage feel with tie-back curtains. Or you can create a french provincial feel with duponi silk ones that puddle on the floor. A few years ago I found an amazing fruity retro feeling print that I knew would make the perfect winter curtains to brighten my 1940’s kitchen. To the left is the original window that I made the retro looking curtains for. What do you think? I really like how the light passes through the fabric.

Take Your Curtains With You!

I understand that in the retail world window treatments are supposed to sell/rent with the house. However, sometimes you just have to take your kitchen curtains with you! Put up some generic ones to sell with the house before you stage if you really like the ones that you have.

In my new kitchen, the window is a lot larger than the one that I originally made these retro kitchen curtains for so I needed to modify them! Once I had dug through my boxes I found these curtains and decided to make a second panel for them so that I could brighten up my new kitchen.

As I had made two valance panels for the original kitchen I simply strung both onto a tension rod and then cut the lower two panels in half to create a enough length for the windows in my new kitchen.

Now Make Your Own Retro Kitchen Curtains!

Retro Kitchen Curtains-redo by Sew.Knit.CreateMaterials:

Several yards of fabric depending upon your window measurements.
Sewing machine
Sewing machine needle
Coordinating thread
Tension rod

Measuring And Cutting Directions:

  1. Measure your window for fabric calculation:
    • First, measure the length of the wind and then add 5 inches. (This is 4 inches for the casing plus 1 inch for the final hem.)
      • Window length +5 inches=Total cutting length
    • Next, measure the width of your window. Then either add at least half that number to the final measurement to allow the curtain to drape nicely. (Depending on the desired effect you want for your curtains you will want to either double, half, or quarter the measurement and add it to the actual window measurement.)  Plus 2 inches for the seam allowance.
      • (Window Width/2)+Window Width+2 inches=Total width for curtain panel
      • Divide the above number in half to give you your cutting measurements.
  2. Fold your retro fabric in half with right sides facing. Measure above measurements out on your folded fabric. You may want to place pins to mark the spots or use a fabric marker.

Sewing Directions:

  1. sewing kitchen curtainsFirst make a tiny 1/4 seam along any lengths of curtain that need to be sewn together to make the total width.
  2. Create Casing:
    • Turn upper portion of curtain under 1/4 of an inch and iron. Measure down 2 inches from raw edge and press. Turn first pressed edge under and sew 1/8th inch away from folded edge creating a casing for the tension rod.
  3. Turn lower raw edge of your kitchen curtains under a 1/2 inch, press, then fold again a 1/2 inch over and press. Sew an 1/8th of an inch from pressed edge.

It’s So Easy You Can Make Twenty-Thousand Sets!

Not really! But these retro kitchen curtains are so easy that you could make several sets to change out whenever you need a style boost. I simply used a tension rod to hang the kitchen curtains up which does makes it easy whenever you need that style boost in your kitchen. Thanks for reading this post!

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6 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Make These Easy DIY Retro Kitchen Curtains!

    1. Yes, there things like heavy duty double sided sewing tape or liquid stitch glue. You could also possibly use a self-adhesive Velcro. It really depends on how heavy the fabric is that you are using as well as how much wear & tear they are going to experience. You might also look at a super cheap sewing machine. I’ve seen them for $15 at thrift stores.

  1. These are so, so charmingly fantastic!!! I am bound and determined to add more vintage and vintage-y looking touches to my decor. It shocks many folks to learn as much, but I don’t have a huge number of them in our present little abode (in part because we moved many times before landing here and just sort of picked up a total hodgepodge of furniture and decor along the way). I have some of course, but not nearly as many as my vintage loving soul would ideally likely. Bookmarking this handy how-to for sure! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much! I love vintage touches in decor. Somehow I have mastered that…without looking too dated…but I have not mastered incorporating vintage into my everyday clothing which is why I love what you do so much! I’ve had the luck of living in a 1930’s bungalow in Maryland several years ago and now my husband and I are updating an old 1945-50’s cottage (I say cottage but it’s more like a rustic-french meets 1950’s cottage). Anyways we’ve got this lovely green tub and several other classic mid-century touches that I’m trying to incorporate while at the same time making sure that it is updated. It’s a trip for sure! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!

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