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Have you ever planted a garden? Even just a small salad garden in a container or maybe some herbs on a windowsill? Why not start one this year with the #SKCgardenchallenge and be entered to win an awesome garden giveaway!

Not only will you learn new knowledge to improve your gardening skills you will also join a great group of people who are interested in gardening at all levels. You’ll find that gardeners are a pretty friendly group of people! They love to teach, learn, and share their craft with others. So as long as you’ve got your hands in the dirt and are attempting to grow seeds you’ll have an instant support group! 🙂

Gardening Helps Promote Good Health And Saves Your Bottom Line!

Gardens are amazing things! Not only does gardening and getting your hands dirty help with a positive attitude (read more about it here) but having a garden can save you a BUNCH of money! Just last year we reduced our food budget by putting in a garden and eating our commonly used vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, and lettuce amongst others from it as opposed to buy them from the store. We choose vegetables and herbs that we use frequently and focused on those. We enjoyed eating fresh tomatoes, lettuce, beets, and radishes all summer long and also ended up with 22lbs of green beans, several cans of stewed tomatoes, and lots and lots of salsa! That was only from a small garden! Are you excited already?


So what’s this all about? It’s called the #SKCgardenchallenge. This is the first annual event and it is designed to get YOU gardening! Together we are going to put together a garden for you to enjoy the produce and create amazing tasty meals from. It doesn’t matter if you have never planted a garden before I want you to commit to growing something this year. Whether it is a success or failure I want you to burry your hands in the soil, rip open a seed packet, and relish the taste of fresh homegrown produce this year!

I want you to improve your gardening skills. Maybe you are a beginning gardener and have never planted anything in your entire life? Then a container salad garden might be just the thing! Perhaps you have moved beyond your first garden and are ready to conquer companion planting, composting, or better timing of your plantings. Maybe you have knowledge that you can share with others? Whatever level you are pick one goal for your gardening skills and work on that this year. I DARE YOU!


#SKCgardenchallenge Details (Official Rules)

The #SKCgardenchallenge and giveaway will run from now until June 4th 2015. Gardening is a process and this will give everyone time to get something growing! There will be a giveaway, keep reading for qualification details, and winners will be drawn on June 5th (using randompicker). Participants will be individuals who reside in North American and who are of the age 18 or older. (Sorry to my UK and Europe followers. 🙁 ) There will be two giveaway (sweepstake) packages.

  • #SKCgardenchallenge giveaway package-2Package A is only for Sew.Knit.Create community subscribers i.e. you must have your name on my subscription list. I encourage you to use the #SKCgardenchallenge across your social media accounts as we are trying to encourage others to garden and to create a community.
  • Package A: Newsletter Subscribers
    1. A 1 year gift subscription to a gardening magazine
  • Package B is will be drawn from participants who use the #SKCgardenchallenge on social media. Although I want you to take and tag as many pictures of your project as possible there will only be one entry per person regardless of the number of pictures that you tag or the number of social media accounts that you use with this project–said pictures must be related to gardening. Please do tag as many pictures of your gardening project that you can and use as many social media accounts that you want.
  • Package B: Social Media Users
    1. A collection of five of my favorite varieties of seeds
  • It is possible for the both packages to be won by the same person.

Giveaway Goals

There are three goals for the #SKCgardenchallenge:

  1. You need to plant something new, this will vary upon your skill level.
  2. You need to add to your gardening skills.
  3. Connect with other gardeners along the way!

Plant and Learn

  1. To qualify for Package A giveaway you must be a member of the Sew.Knit.Create community that means you need to sign up for the newsletter!
  2. I also want you to commit to planting something. It can be just a pot of tomatoes, or a windowsill herb garden, a 3×3 square foot box, a few vertical plantings, or a complete full-fledged garden! Learn a new skill! Learn a new skill this year. It could be companion planting, starting a compost heap, or soil amending. Choose something that you have not done before or know very little about and then do some research. Once you have decided come back to this post and write the new veggie or skill that you are going to commit to this year. (Don’t worry I will remind you. That’s why you want to sign up for the newsletter!)
  3. Next, I want you to start taking pictures of your gardening projects. Lots and lots of pictures! This is why you need to decide what you will plant and or what skill you are going to work on. (When you sign up for the newsletter you will receive a free download for a garden planner that will help you define your goals.) Taking pictures will not only earn you an entry into Package B but it will also help you document what is happening in your garden this year. Use the hashtag #SKCgardenchallenge on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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The Next Step

  1. You can connect with others in the gardening community by using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtag #SKCgardenchallenge to see what others are doing and planting in their gardens.
  2. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter
  3. Join the Sew.Knit.Create community by signing up for the newsletter. It return you will receive the FREE Garden Planner which will help you get started on your garden planning.

Becoming Part Of The Sew.Knit.Create Community

When you join the Sew.Knit.Create community you will:

  • Be entered into the giveaway!
  • Receive a FREE Garden Planner (download link will be available in your newsletter confirmation as well as your first newsletter)
  • Weekly gardening prompts during the months of April through June
  • Receive exclusive news and inspiration on gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, and lots more!
  • Be Entered Into The Giveaway!

#SKCgardenchallenge | Giveaway | Sew.Knit.Create
The goal is to encourage gardening on whatever level you are comfortable/capable of. Try to challenge yourself to go one step beyond what you did last year.

If that means that you are simply planting herbs in a window container than take care of that little windowsill herb garden the best that you can. If improving your skills means that you are going to start growing a compost pile this year . . . than do that!

Right here, right now, today lets plan on becoming a better gardener. Just do it! Are you ready for it? Join me in #SKCgardenchallenge and let’s plan to create the right garden for you in any space you have no matter how large or small.  Together we will just do it!

Sign up now and join in on the fun!


Now that you have signed up for the newsletter why don’t you comment and tell me what you are planning on planting this year!

Go plant something,

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