Springtime In Paris Collection



I was seventeen years old and full of excitement for my first tour abroad! It would be a choir tour full of singing, food, and Europe. However, one thing after another chased these dreams further and further away. I was broken-hearted as I listened to my friends discuss their dreams for the trip and then glumly watched them board the plane.

Upon return my best friend produced a black and white print of the Eiffel Tower that she had purchased while in Paris. It has held a special spot in each room that I have inhabited since then and  kept those embers of a dream alive. Someday I will make it to Paris myself!

Knitting Project Bag Collection

In my dreams I imagine that springtime in Paris would be lovely. I love spring as it is but I envision that the contrast between that fabulous architecture of the old buildings with the impetuous explosion of spring would be astounding.


My project bag collection for May is called Springtime In Paris and is inspired by springtime colors, travels and dreams. The freshness of the green grass and the myriad of colors that explode from the brown drab of winter. Purple lilacs and the bright magnolias that burst through the gray skies of winter. The overwhelming scent of flowers that perfume the crisp air!

Project Bag Collection

What Are Your Spring Knitting Dreams?

If you could knit anywhere in the world where would you go? What would you knit while you were there? Spring is a great time to start a new knitting project and why not treat yourself to a fabulous new project bag to go with it! You can find one over on my Etsy shop but make sure you use your membership code at checkout! (If you aren’t a member you can sign up here.)

Happy Knitting,

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