Vintage Sewing Caddies & Blackberry Jam Recipe

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I love thrift-stores, antique stores, and flea markets…seriously! A couple weeks ago I discovered this AMAZING farmers market and have since been making weekly pilgrimages to purchase things like sixteen pounds of strawberries for $5, paying $.50 for a pint of cherries, and buying 60 pounds of tomatoes for $6 to make spaghetti sauce. Uh, yeah that’s right AMAZING! Don’t worry my recipe will be up next Friday along with some incredible pictures!

vintage sewing caddy vintage sewing caddy

Anyways, I also picked up this lovely wooden vintage sewing caddy for only five dollars! I’ve been looking for one at antique stores for years and have not found one for a decent price.

blackberry jam

Sewing caddies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These were meant to keep sewing notations handy for the sewer and range in size from tiny table caddies, or ones with stands that allow easy access when the seamstress is seated, to ones that contain several fold out trays. This is just a small one that would be handy on a side table in a living room. Right now I am working on a lace glove from A Handknit Romance.

blackberry jam

blackberry jam

Doesn’t that jam look AMAZING? If you would like to make your own here is the Triple Berry Jam recipe!

Triple Berry Jam

PDF Triple Berry Jam Recipe Card Download


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